How CBD Helps Manage Chronic Pain

A lot of people are still skeptical when it comes to using medications to manage chronic pain. One of the reasons why is because many of the painkillers used today are known to cause side effect thus making them unsafe for long term use. Also, the fear of dependency is another factor which makes painkillers undesirable. Due to these fears, the use of alternative pain medications such as CBD has grown rapidly.

5 Ways CBD Can Help Relieve Your Pain

CBD offers several health benefits, including the management of different types of pains, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic pain, and many others. It is not known to cause dependency typical of conventional pain medication, and it’s generally safe. However, if you are still on the fence about using CBD to manage your pain, perhaps, understanding how it is able to manage chronic pain might reassure you of how safe it is.

1.     Muscle Relaxation

One of the ways CBD helps to manage chronic pain is by relaxing the muscles in your body. When muscles in your body are relaxed, it is a lot easier to move, especially if movement causes pain. Therefore, if you experience pain when carrying out activities like exercise or walking, CBD can help relax your muscles so that you can move freely. Based on this, CBD can help people with arthritis enjoy a better quality of life.

2.    Reduction in Pain Hypersensitivity

When CBD is taken religiously, it helps to reduce pain sensitivity. Chronic pain is typically caused by a dysfunction in the nervous system. This dysfunction causes the threshold for pain in the body to increase, causing sufferers great distress. With CBD, pain threshold can be reduced significantly, thereby enabling you to carry out day-to-day activities without pain.

3.    Encourages Reception to Touch

Often, people who suffer from chronic pain may be resistant to touch, due to the pain it can cause. Being resistant to people’s touch can greatly impact the personal and social life of chronic pain sufferers. Therefore, such people are usually encouraged to take CBD because it can stimulate the nervous system in a way that reduces the pain they feel. CBD also releases compounds which encourage positive feelings, making sufferers more receptive to touch.

4.    Stimulates Sleep

People who suffer from chronic pain most likely have difficulty sleeping well at night. This is because the body is unable to complete the healing process needed to relieve some of the effects caused by their pain. When this happens, the body exists in a constant state of fight, which makes sleep impossible. However, CBD contains neuroprotective compounds which stimulate and improve sleep.

5.    Controls Neuropathic Pain

When you take CBD, it targets certain parts of your nervous system which are responsible for transmitting pain signals throughout your body. When the beneficial components in CBD products target the nervous system, chronic pain is reduced greatly. Furthermore, CBD has a calming effect on all kinds of neuropathic pain which are primarily caused by certain brain receptors shutting down.


Hopefully, by now, you understand how CBD can help you manage chronic pain. CBD can be taken orally, applied topically, or vaped, so if you are looking for alternative treatment for the management of pain, you need not look any further. At CBDR’US, we provide a wide range of quality CBD products, including CBD tincture, CBD pain creams, CBD edibles, and more. Browse through our store to place your order today!

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